The Creators

The Creators:

The Phonics’ Fables is the Amazing Creation of two Talented people, whose aim is to work towards the enhancement of  a Child’s Personal and Social Development.

Malaika Fernandes (right) – { Director and Founder}

Malaika who studies Psychology, finds her Passion in dealing with Children and their world, As she believes that children have a world of their own. Hence to understand a Child it is very essential to enter to their world and think like one. Her work deals with all the Social Activities that involves the Moral, Social and Personal Development of Children.  She loves working with all kinds of children irrespective of their Personalities and Backgrounds.

Tasha Patel (left)- {Co-Director and Co-Founder}

Tasha who studies Literature, is completely Passionate about The English Language and its various fields. She works with children to enhance the usage of their Language skills in Reading, Writing, Communication, Oratory and etc. She believes that in order for a child to have a better future it is very important for a Child to understand the True form of this globally used language.

Standing  Together here they form An Exciting World Of  Learning and Creation of  True Wonders.


One thought on “The Creators

  1. Aaron Fernandes says:

    Ull R doing a fantastic job…dealing wid kids of today is a really uphill task..but ull both doing gr8…!!
    All d best 2 both of U…:):)
    Keep it up..!!

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